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We sell only hardwood firewood. The mix available may change but you can be assured that your firewood is all hardwood. We use mostly maple, birch and beech, along with a variety of other hardwoods when available.

The standard length of wood we carry is 16" (our most popular length).  We also do "custom" firewood for those who have different needs; Lengths anywhere from 12-24" are available as custom orders.  There are additional charges for these orders.  Please call us for a quote on any "custom" firewood needs.

No matter which length is right for you, you will always receive a full measure of firewood, be it one cord or ten.

In addition to kiln dried firewood, during the spring and early summer months we offer "green" firewood which needs to be "seasoned" in order to burn properly. We offer this green firewood at a special off-season rate to customers who have the time and space to store and dry their own firewood.

During the early fall months we also offer "seasoned" firewood.  This consists of logs which have been split in early spring and stored on pavement at our Sharon location.  We deliver this "seasoned" firewood as the orders come in on a first come first served basis. We only have space to store about 500 cords of this seasoned wood so our supply goes quickly. We also offer this seasoned firewood at a special rate prior to the start of the heating season.

Please call us for rates on all of our products and delivery schedules.

Trees photograph courtesy of Philip Greenspun