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splitter.jpg (305704 bytes)We guarantee that our kiln dried firewood is ready to burn when delivered to you. We dry our firewood in one of three new state of the art efficient dry kilns especially built to dry firewood. Colton Enterprises prides itself on utilizing the entire log; the kilns are fired by sawdust and chips generated from the splitting process. Even scraps of bark removed during splitting are put aside for grinding into mulch--another product offered by Colton Enterprises.

newloader.jpg (252548 bytes)Once the log length firewood is in the yard the logs are placed on a conveyor and enter the mill. There they are cut, split and dumped into pre-measured half cord baskets. The baskets then go into the kilns.

KilnThe wood remains in the kilns for 2 days at over 160 degrees; removing over 1000 pounds of water from each cord. This in turn increases the firewood's burning efficiency by nearly l million BTU's per cord over green firewood, and increases the heat value by 25%. The kiln dried firewood is dried to an average of 25% moisture content.
Colton Enterprises is now Vermont certified for "heat treating" firewood.  Our kiln dried firewood has always been bug and pest free.  We are now certified to legally transport our kiln dried firewood to areas that are quarantined for invasive species such as the emerald ash borer and the Asian longhorn beetle etc.  We continually strive to be an environmentally friendly company.

Baskets full of wood in the cooling shed.After kiln drying the wood is stored under cover in a cooling shed until it is delivered. ONCE DELIVERED KILN DRIED FIREWOOD SHOULD BE STORED UNDER COVER IN A DRY AREA WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. Kiln-drying insures you insect free, cleaner burning firewood with less creosote buildup and it is available year round.